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Our new research on “Grit and Work Engagement” was published on PLOS ONE journal with Dai Tamesue, Kentaro Asahi and Yoshiki Ishikawa.
昨年取り組んでいた研究論文が、PLOS ONEというジャーナルで公開されました。

We studied about how “grit”, defined as perseverance of effort and consistency of interest, is associated with work engagement and other personality traits, happiness orientations and Big Five in Japanese population.

「やり抜く力」として注目されているGrit(グリット)が、日本人において、仕事のパフォーマンスや、幸福感、Big Five性格分類とどう相関しているかを研究しました。

Grit was defined by Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth, and here’s her TED presentation.

Grit, defined as perseverance of effort and consistency of interest, has attracted attention as a predictor of success in various fields beyond IQ and the Big Five personality dimension of Conscientiousness. The purpose of the current study was to examine previously uninvestigated questions regarding grit using a cross-sectional design among a large number of working adults in Japan. First, we tested geographical generalizability of associations between grit and orientations towards happiness by comparing previous studies in the U.S. and the current study in Japan. It was confirmed that orientation towards meaning rather than orientation towards engagement had a stronger positive correlation with grit in our sample of Japanese people. This result is inconsistent with previous studies in the U.S. Furthermore, the Big Five dimension of Openness to Experience was newly confirmed as having a positive association with grit. Second, we examined the association between grit and work engagement, which is considered as an outcome indicator for work performance. In this analysis, grit was a strong predictor for work performance as well as academic performance.

You can read the full text article here.


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