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Fall deepens

October 9th 2013, Wednesday
It’s a clod day. Fall deepens. 朝晩冷え込んできた。

On Wednesday, I have a Strategic Communication class, by senior lecturer Alan P. Levenstein, who has a brilliant career as a business person and knows much about marketing (and also, every time humorous and wearing dandy suit). This semester we took a case of gun control and developed a communication strategies for Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and at last made a presentation to a officer from the organization.

Whenever I study about U.S. social issues, gun control, Obamacare, soda ban, tobacco etc., I see huge difference of between US and Japanese system and culture. Whenever political debate come to regulation on anything, US public debate (esp. from repub.-oriented persons) shows concern on, or allergy to, governmental regulation on individual freedom. It appears less time in Japan. Also there are huge varieties and autonomies between states under the federalism system. That makes them so difficult to realize nation-wide gun control or national health insurance. Japan tends to prefer equalized standard for everyone. It’s not a good or bad question, just a characteristics of each country, and it’s almost impossible to radically change the culture because of deep-rooted history (e.g. Independent War from Britan, defeat on WW2 and rule by US after), but at least give me interesting lessons.


ET Luv.Lab., 「横浜の創造力の舳先に」茂木 隆宏 – ノガン株式会社 コンサルタント












Dental clinic at school / 親知らずを抜いたこととか、気になったニュースあれこれ

October 8th 2013, Tuesday

At last I enrolled a student dental plan and went to a dental clinic at Columbia Dental School. Even after taking an antibiotics, swelling of my gum didn’t get better. I knew the cause, wisdom tooth left long time. The lower right wisdom tooth had grown in a bad angle. Early in the morning, I submitted an registration form, made a payment for the insurance, and told a staff my pain is urgent. They treated me as emergency, so soon I was directed to be diagnosed by doctor. Though I had to pass a class in the morning, I could successfully let the tooth pulled out. So now, my under right cheek is a little large. Nothing I could eat today…

By the way, I rarely go to hospital, because I’m generally in a good health. But whenever I go there, I feel a little tragic, or nervous, by seeing someone suffering. While I was waiting on a seat, an old lady groaned frequently. I didn’t what’s wrong with her teeth, but could guess her mental wasn’t in good state. Another lady kept putting her hand on her cheek. It must be painful. Every people coming to hospital have any kind of pain, anxiety, or fear. I know that is a hospital, but I’ve never accustomed with such mood.

In the evening, I attended an meeting of CJR, Consortium for Japan Relief (though friends told me “Why you come today!? Keep in bed!” by seeing my cheek), and discussed our activities this fall. We’re planning to hold some documentary film screening and panel discussion event this and next month. Now we think it is a time to further collaborate with other organizations, not exclusively related to Japanese 3.11 disaster, but more generally, persons and organizations that dedicate themselves with a field of disaster relief or management. Lessons from 3.11 disaster in Japan must be utilized to other countries’ cases, and on the other hand, we can learn something from others.

I came back home at late night. I like the mood of night Brooklyn, with trees along the street dimly illuminated by light.

先週抗生物質を処方してもらったものの、1週間たっても全然腫れがひかない。夏に同じ状況になった時は数日飲んだらおさまったのだけど、これはいよいよ限界か、と、朝イチで大学のDental Schoolに駆け込む。アメリカでは医療保険と歯科保険は別々。入学した時に学生向けの医療保険には入らされたのだけど、ここでStudent Dental Planというものに改めて申し込むことに。Emergencyだと言って、その日の午前中に抜歯手術をしてもらうことができた。保険加入で$180(年間プランのみだけど、12月卒業3月帰国だからちょっともったいない…)、今日の手術はディスカウントされて$108。安いんだか高いんだか。まぁ良心的な値段にはなっているのだろう。



先日、東京でNoh×Contemporary Artのワークショップ&コンサートを主催した青木涼子さんが、今日からスペインのマドリッドでオペラに出る。テアトロ・レアル王立劇場の「メキシコの征服」という演目だそうだ。青木さんの役はマリンチェという女性。演目はメキシコの最後の王モンテズマとスペインの将軍のコルテスとの出会いが描かれたもので、マリンチェは、実際に存在していた、二人の通訳を務めていたメキシコ人女性で、コルテスの愛人であったとのこと。青木さんからのご案内のメールでは、”オペラでのマリンチェの役割は、movement(動き)とsilence(沈黙)で、二人の間を行ったり来たりします。モンテズマとコルテスが西洋人のキャストなので、それと全く違う次元からの素材がマリンチェには必要である、またアントナン・アルトーが能に影響を受けていたこともあり、日本の能の役者、そして女性であることから、今回のキャスティングが決まりました。”とのことだった。先日観に行った東京でのコンサートは、まさmovementとsilenceの芸術で、とても感動した。

アピタル 内部被爆通信 《83》 診察に来たあるお母さん 坪倉正治 (つぼくら・まさはる)





毎日新聞 生きる物語:「弱さ」の向こう側/6 研修医の大きな壁 2013年10月08日




The Diplomat, “In Japan, Will Hafu Ever Be Considered Whole?” J.T. Quigley
記事でも紹介されている映画監督(彼女自身もハーフ)が、『ハーフ』 というドキュメンタリーを撮った。10/9-10/18に渋谷UPLINKにて上映。くそー行きたいなこれ。

Diary: 10/31/2012 Wed.

The third day of Sandy holidays. To escape from tiresome room, I left to the midtown. Still the subway doesn’t work, city bus restarted their service for free. So, for New Yorkers today, their choices to move were limited with, bus, taxi, own car, and walk. Thus, most of the city roads were really congested, and buses were fully crowded. Today, I went to set up an art exhibition in midtown. But, bus was really slow and I only got 50 streets from Washington 168th. Then bus stopped, the driver recommended us to got off. I got off and walked along the Central park for a while, but finally gave up and took taxi. Though it was costly, I had to get to the gallery as soon as possible.

Today, I helped to set up of the exhibition, “Art Fusion: Japanese Contemporary Pioneers 2012″

Jadite Galleries Address:413 West 50th Street, New York, NY 11019 USA
Open: Tuesday- Saturday 12 pm – 6 pm  Close: Sunday, Monday   Tel:212-315-2740

Exhibition Part. 1: October 30th – November 3rd, 2012

Exhibition Part.2 : November 6th – November 10th, 2012

Opening Party : November 1st, 6 pm- 8:30 pm and November 8th, 6 pm- 8:30 pm

Performance show by Kanako Yanagawa : November 1st and November 8th, 7:30- 8:30 pm

Exhibition Part.1:

Konoka Kitagawa / Ei Kaizawa / Mayuko Iwata / Rie Yamanouchi / Asami Tsukada /Yoshikazu Kajikawa/
Seikou Takeichi / Yuka Morita / Ai Ohkawara / Art Little Shine / SANAE SUZUKI / Takehiro Tezuka

Exhibition Part.2:

Ryohei Suzuki / Kenichi Inoue / Hiroko Nouno / Kaori Walsh / Daichi Sho / Eri Hasegawa / Masayo Iwano / Kousuke Nakane / Masaya Koga / Hiroki Hayashi / Takanori Ishii / Manabu Takada

Fashion Showcase : Atsuko Takahashi

Performance artist : Kanako Yanagawa

Contact >> Artrates Japan  (Promoting these Japanese Artists) >> support@artrats.net
>>curated by Artrates Japan http://www.artrates.net/

This exhibition is still on going. If you go to the midtown, you can see that.

After the set up, I went to the Times Square and had a coffee with a photographer. Today is Halloween. Children came into the cafe and said “Trick or Treat!” in turns. Clerks at the cafe gave them candies.

Though there are still some inconvenience, gradually our city began to restore daily life.


この日手伝ったのは、じゅんさん本人のではなく、別の展示会の設営。Artrates Japanという団体を通して行われる、Art Fusion: Japanese Contemporary Pioneers 2012という企画。若手日本人アーティスト24名の作品が2回に分けて紹介される。届いた作品をダンボール箱から出し、全体のバランスを考えて並びや高さを決め、作品を壁に配置、照明を整え、作品の写真撮影。呼ばれるままにフラッと手伝いに行ったものだが、なかなか勉強になった。人の目線の高さ、ギャラリーに入った時の視線の動きをイメージしての配置。個展ではなく複数人の作品が並ぶので、なるべく「フェア」な配置(誰かのだけが特段目立つのではなく、それぞれが映えるように…)を心がけなければならない。コンテンポラリーアートの作品群だったため、モチーフはバラバラ。そこで今回は色合いが近いもの同士を同じ壁に配置する、といった工夫をすることとなった。作品を壁に配置した後の照明調整は、プロのじゅんさんにお任せして後ろから眺めていたが、それらが全て終わってみると、配置前にギャラリーの地べたで眺めていた時より、確かにずいぶん美しい。介在する、届ける役割とはこういうことなのだな。展示に参加するうち何人かはNew Yorkに来ているらしく、この日も2人が下見に来た。


終わった後、じゅんさんとカフェでお茶をしてから別れる。タイムズスクエア近辺を歩きながら、「やっぱりこっち帰ってきてWelcome back!って友人連中に言ってもらえると嬉しいよねぇ」なんておっしゃっていたことが印象に残る。一つの土地に留まらず、複数の拠点に移っていくなかでの生活や仕事は、確かに大変なことも多いのだろうけど、「おかえり」と言ってもらえる場所が増えることは、嬉しいものだよな。

Diary: 10/30/2012 Tue.

Today’s class was also canceled… and surprisingly I received an e-mail from the school office that tell us class tomorrow would be also canceled…! Furthermore, the exam on Friday will be postponed…! It is unthinkable to happen in Japan. I think, it’s due to the speed of recovery of public infrastructure such as subways, electricities, and water supplies. Though it would be a chance to take a rest, it’s so boring…

Today, study rooms at the school library was open, so I left my room and moved to there to tackle homework due tomorrow. I found ond of the revolving door at the entrance of the building had been broken. It made me image the power of Sandy.



Diary: 10/29/2012 Mon.

All of the classes today were canceled, due to the hurricane Sandy. Hopefully I got extra time to catch up with subjects being behind. But, kept in a apartment room all day long is a little tiresome. Furthermore, strong wind and rain hit the window violently, and the sound of the squeaking window was so noisy. Though I have a lot of things to do, I’m not so stoic to be able to concentrate on studying sitting on the desk in such a condition…

What was interesting was, visibly many of Japanese Twitter users in U.S. especially in east coast began tweeting so frequently. They must be boring with canceled work or school same as me. Fortunately, my resident area never experienced any black out or water stoppage, while I saw some friends saying they had that. Compared to my country Japan, where natural disaster such as typhoon and earthquake are more frequent than U.S. the damage of infrastructure seems more serious and it would take longer time to be fully restored in U.S. This hurricane reminded me two typical scene in my country. First, most of, though no all, Japanese companies and salarymen especially in city area make their effort to go to office even on the day or soon after some huge typhoon arrivals. Some of my friends in U.S. said their offices would be closed and they would do remote work. Second, they rush to super markets to buy foods, water, toilet papers and many other goods for ’emergency’ after they got news about some natural disaster even though their residential area seemed rather safe (most recently, when the huge earthquake and tsunami hit north east of Japan, those who in Tokyo rushed to stores). The first one may not be so common in NYC (some of my friends said their office would be closed and they do remote work), though there may be some businessmen who had to stay and work in office in some cases. For the second one, New Yorkers also rushed to super market and I saw they bought lots of water and food same as the Japanese do. To a varying degree by nations, basically people behave similarly.



Diary: 10/28/2012 Sun.

Hurricane Sandy is coming. I received an e-mail from the school office and knew that our class will be canceled tomorrow. Hopefully, I got extra time to study and take a rest… It hasn’t rained yet today, so I went running to a park, guessing tomorrow I can never go out. In the evening I went to a supermarket to buy some foodstuffs, and saw many residents are buying many stuffs such as water, bread, chocolate etc. They must prepare for tomorrow.


Diary: 10/27/2012 Sat.

There was an seminar about presentation this morning as one part of PDP (Professional Development Program) module. After the session, I met one of the second year student and had lunch with her. She is a board member of the International Student Organization in our school, and invited me as a guest speaker at an international cultural awareness day to talk about my past work in Ishinomaki and Oshika, Tohoku Japan. At a food restaurant near the campus, we ate sandwiches and salad, and then shared a chocolate cake. It was so huge. American size… We couldn’t eat it even by the two. I brought back the rest of it and ate as dinner today…

Diary: 10/26/2012 Fri.

The worst laziness it to be unaware of the love from a person who accept and embrace my weakness and ugliness.


Diary: 10/25/2012 Thu.

Obviously, to be behind of a class leads to further behind for another class…that is a ‘death spiral’ lol I had to review quickly the quant lectures(3 times a week this module, and I’ve already missed 3 lectures! ), and work on homework due today’s afternoon, and that made me skip the morning classes today…. Need to stop this spiral by this weekend.

Had a resume review session with a professor and he said mine was pretty good one as the first draft. I think it is thanks to those who supported me when I apply to Mailman. I do my best to have further fruitful experience to build my capacity until the summer practicum (of course such learning would not be only for resume building, but for my personal maturity).

授業に遅れた分復習や宿題の対応に追われて、その間更に授業を逃すというデス・スパイラルw 週末にどうにか修正しよう。今は耐えるのだ。。