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Diary: 12/18/2012 Tue.

This is the day before the final. I have 4 final exams on Wednesday and Thursday. Though these days are hard, I’ve finally found myself ‘enjoying’ study here at Mailman. In September, most of the topics I learned were new for me, but now I have clearer view of public health field, and am realizing how each issues are systematically and dynamically connected with each others. At first I was so nervous of coursework study and English communication, but now I no longer feel nervous or hesitancy to communicate and discuss with classmates and lecturers. These days I have study session with my friends and I feel contributing to them by sharing my understanding, sometimes using my personal or professional experience and knowledge, and learning from them too. Small dots in my life is gradually connecting. My experience in Japan gives me insight to think about health and disease, and that will lead to my study from the next semester and summer practicum. I had a meeting with my advisor today and I could deliver my interest and plan to him well. I was a somewhat pessimistic and internal person originally, but thanks to the life here in Columbia and New York, I am changing. I am becoming optimistic and tough person, gradually. Yes, time passes and nothing continues forever. Everything, both people, society and nature flow with time.



Diary: 11/30/2012 Fri.

I cannot believe it’s already the end of November. The day passed so fast with discussion, exam and presentation. Most of the classmates seemed stressed with the exam of Social Determinants of Health module with the large amount of studies, so do I(though I like the topics). Anyway, we’ve done. These days, I prepare for the exam with two friends by holding regular study groups, asking and telling about lectures and materials to clarify our understandings. Through this process I realize the range and gap of mu understanding about each topic, issue and area. I should consciously stretch my energy and knowledge toward various topics even though I’m not so interested in particular ones. The friends at the study group and me, sometimes use each one’s own experience as an example of some health issues. Although I know statistics never tells us about an individual, individual’s experience may do reflect each one’s social, environmental and biological backgrounds. Soon after the exam, I had a presentation session for the module of Professional Development Program. 6 classmates and I made a group and made 3-4 minutes presentations in turns, telling each personal story related to career, work, travel, identity etc. It’s really interesting and impressive time for me, cos I don’t have so many opportunities to listen to classmates’ personal stories(most of the talks between classes are preoccupied with homework and exam…). Though still tough and busy days continue, I wish to have as much as time to know about mu classmates well.




Diary: 11/20/2012 Tue.

After the classes in the morning, I went down to Chelsea, to see one Japanese photographer’s exhibition. It’s still Tuesday, but the train was more crowded than usual. Some of them had luggage with them, and I guessed they took off a few days earlier before the Thanks Giving holiday to go back to their home. One of them was with his pet, french bulldog, and she showed us her head from his bag. I and other two passengers around him, the owner of the french bulldog and asked about her, and then chatted for a while. Actually she was so cute and I really enjoyed the time with them, but at the same time, I found, I’ve been accustomed with the way of communicating with others, here in NY. It’s slightly different from that of us Japanese. In Tokyo, we don’t talk with ‘strangers’ so casually at the train or some other public places. This difference may come from the difference of our idea about the ‘public.’ For New Yorkers, public places may be open to ‘everyone,’ where are supposed to be built by themselves, while for Japanese, public places are for ‘no one,’ or owned by someone other than us. We are not supposed to ‘disturb’ the public place such as train, by chatting or laughing with others. It’s not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ matter. It’s just a difference of culture, and their behaviors in public spaces represent only one aspect of each culture. But for me, it is interesting, and somewhat ‘good’ experience to have a sense of being here in NY.

火曜日だが早くも電車がいつもより混んでいた。Thanks Givingの木曜日より少し早めに休みをとって帰省する人たちだろう。ほどほどの大きさのスーツケースや旅行かばんを持っている乗客がそこそこいた。うちの一人が、かわいいフレンチ・ブルドッグをショルダーバッグに入れて連れ歩いていて、バッグのファスナー部分から愛嬌のある顔がひょこりと飛び出てきた。「可愛いですね」なんて言って、僕とあと2人、彼の周りにいた乗客で愛犬を囲んでしばし談笑する。こういう場面に出くわす度に、「あ、ここはニューヨークだな。」なんて感じたりして、そこにだんだんと馴染んでいっている自分を発見する。東京もニューヨークも都会だから、生活の便という意味ではそんなに変わらないのだけど、公共空間でのコミュニケーションは、だいぶ違うものがある。この街の人は、それぞれがてんでバラバラ自由に過ごしていて、でもそれでいて他人に完全に無関心でもなくて、刹那の交わりを楽しむ心の余裕がある。それは深みのある長期的な関係とは別種のものだけど、そういう軽やかなやさしさが街全体に染み渡っていることが、この街の明るさを形作っている一つの要素なんじゃないかと思う。

Diary: 11/8/2012 Thu.

Winter has come! When I got out of the building after the morning class, I found it is snowing. Soon it became the heavy storm. My umbrella was broken. Many people seemed surprised and feeling terrible. But…though it may sound strange, I felt excited. Feeling of changing the season gave me realized the natural thing, time passes and nothing continue forever. I still have heaby exams and homework on Thursday and Friday, but I can believe it will end soon…



Diary: 11/6/2012 Tue.

Today is the national election day, and our school is closed. Obama won the election. But unfortunately I didn’t have time and capacity to enjoy watching TV or going to party because of homework and exam study. I stayed at library all day long. However, I don’t feel sorry not to be involved in the excitement of the election. Even though it is publicly, politically socially and historically important event, doing what I should do today is also important for ‘me.’ Well, exam is coming, but it’s not special. I just do my best every day, and results will come later.








Diary: 11/5/2012 Mon.

The most toughest week after starting the semester at Mailman. Due to the Hurricane, we have 5 homework and 2 exams this week! Exams are on Wednesday and Friday, but we are also extremely busy with other day for the preparation of the exams and heavy homeworks. However, I must not give up. I must not be panic. Though getting nervous feeling, have a cool mind that seek the best way of using my time. Today, we finished two of the homeworks. It makes me a little relieved. Tomorrow the school is closed because of the national election day. I have to work on exam study all day long.


ハリケーンの影響で、試験が2つに宿題が5つ同じ週に入るという、今までで一番大変な状況になっている。正気の沙汰と思えない分量だまた、自分が苦手な科目であるUS health systemsの試験はエッセイ形式で非常に難しいものになるという。が、なんとか乗り切るしかない。ヤケになったらその時点で負けだ。課題や試験ごとに、範囲や難易度も違い、それによって自分がかけるべき時間も費用対効果も変わってくる。冷静に優先順位を見極めなければならない。パーフェクトに全て満点というわけにはいくまい。サバイバルモードで乗り切ろう。今日は宿題が2つ終わったので少しだけ気が楽になった。一日一日が大切だ。明日は大統領選挙で学校が休み。朝~晩まで、がんばろう。


平常心を保てないなら 物事を現象としてとらえよう 楽しいから笑うのではなく 笑うから楽しくなる (集まろう for tomorrow by YUKI)





クラスメイトに自分から声をかけて朝の挨拶をした。まだ引き攣っているかもしれないが、英語文化のおかげで、日本語の時より英語で話す方が明るくなれている気がする。昼休みには、仲の良い友達(not only ‘classmate’)とバカな話をしてたくさん笑った。少し楽になった。自分から笑う機会を頭でつくっていくんだ。そのうち心も、ついてくるよ。





Diary: 11/4/2012 Sun.

Overwhelmed with too many readings, assignments and exams this week. Schedules have been modified to complement missing classes during the Sandy holidays. Have to manage myself to survive…


Diary: 11/3/2012 Sat.

When I got out the subway at the Pen Station, I felt as if I was in Tokyo. The platform of the station was so crowded, and that reminded me a typical scene of Tokyo(every morning and evening Japanese trains and stations are crowded). Still many people may have difficulty with their daily transportation, and guess that made this jam-up.

Had a dinner with my precious friend at an Korean restaurant where I and her met first two years ago. Thank you my dear friend.






Diary: 11/2/2012 Fri.

Weekend without any exam. A little relief, but the next week must be the toughest week for us with postponed homework and exams…

Tonight again I went down to midtown, and attended a reception by a senior photographer Junichi Takahashi, whom I respect and met with in Ishinomaki, north east of Japan after the disaster last year, and who lived and worked for 19 years in New York. The party was for introducing and celebrating his photo book “NIPPON-JIN” that shot many ”ordinary’ Japanese (more than 430 persons). He said that images about Japanese people from abroad tend to be stereo typical ones (such as Kyoto, Asakusa, Akihabara, or Geisha, Kabuki, Otaku etc.) even though we Japanese are with more variety. But when he lived long in NY, he said, he couldn’t tell about Japanese and Japan well when asked from others in New York (now I’ve lived in Tokyo for 4 or 5 years). So he started his shooting of Japanese in NY and Japan, without his own intention and message, but just shooting themselves. Even after the hurricane, about 20 or 30 people came in the party, and it was really warmful time.

NIPPON-JIN first viewing in New York City
casual Party celebrating the publication of NIPPON-JIN photo book
Portraits of modern Japanese 2012.

312 Gallery :
312 5th Avenue(bet 30th St X 31st St), 5F. New York, NY 10001

Exhibition Schedule:



じゅんさんは、19年間New Yorkで暮らしていた方で、今は東京に住んでいるのだが、写真の仕事で今もちょくちょくこちらに帰ってくる。不思議なご縁で、最初に出会ったのは去年の夏の石巻だ。お互い別団体の活動で石巻入りしたのだけど、共通の知り合いがいて繋がった。その後、牧浜や鮎川浜、新山浜もよく訪ねてくださって、写真を撮っていただいたり、商品販売の応援をしていただいている。じゅんさんが石巻に来るタイミングが、他の団体メンバーが不在の日だったことも多く、よく僕がアテンドしていた。石巻から牡鹿半島での道中でゆったりと色々な話をしながら、その頃からかわいがっていただいていたのだが、彼が住んでいた街に僕がこうして留学に来るというのも、なんだか面白い話だ。さて、その『NIPPON-JIN』の出版記念展示会、その他もろもろのお仕事のためにNew Yorkに帰ってきたじゅんさんだが、がっつりハリケーン・サンディと重なってしまって、会期の半分ほどが潰れ、色々な打ち合わせもキャンセルに。展示会は明日で終了というなんとも不孝なタイミング。しかし、そんな中でもこの日のパーティーには多くの人が集まってきて、楽しくあたたかい時間となった。


『NIPPON-JIN』は、市井の様々な日本人の姿をそのまま収めた写真集。NYに長らく住んでいたじゅんさんは、海外から見た日本の典型的なイメージ(例えば、Kyoto, Asakusa, AkihabaraあるいはGeisha, Kabuki, Otakuといったような)と、実際には今やもっと多様化している日本人の見た目やライフスタイルとのギャップを感じたそうだ。しかし彼自身もNY暮らしが長いため、知り合いに日本について聞かれてもそれをうまく語れなかったと。だったら写真にそのまま語らせればいいか、とNYの友達から始まり、東京、東北…出会った様々な日本人の写真を撮り続ける活動を始めたそうだ。ポートレートの撮影においては、特に服装やポーズは指定せず、自由にしてもらっているとのこと。それがなかなか面白いことに、それぞれの味というか、生き方がよく表れている。

A picture is worth a thousand words.

NIPPON-JIN たかはしじゅんいち

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