Mothers and children in NYC met OCICA


Our loving accessory “OCICA – Deer Horn Dream Catcher”, made by local mothers from Oshika Peninsula, Ishinomaki, Miyagi-prefecture in Northen East of Japan, is gradually spreading to NYC.
Photo by Junichi Takahashi
Here is the English article at “Spoon & Tamago”

As I introduced a few times on this blog (symposium on 10th March and speech video), OCICA project started in 2011 with a purpose of community recovery and job creation for local mothers in Makinohama in Oshika Peninsula, most of whom lost their original jobs and housings because of the tsunami and earthquake on 11th March 2011.

On 4th May, I was invited to an event “Celebrating the Children’s Day” by ACE Music Studio and had a workshop to experience making OCICA necklace with mothers and children in NYC. The event and ACE Music Studio is hosted by Ms. Choco Yoshioka, who I met here in NYC, but was originally from Miyagi-prefecture. Her hometown was also severely damaged by the tsunami.
(Here is the comment by Ms. Choco Yoshioka)

First, I introduced an overview of the project and situation after the disaster, and showed pictures of mothers making OCICA in Makinohama.

Then, pairs of mothers and children enjoyed making OCICA by themselves. Since looping fishnet around deer horn to make charm shaped with dream catcher is a delicate work, they looked struggling with try and errors. But finally all of them completed.

One girl asked me to teach how to make it, and she completed it by herself!

It was really fun event, at the same time impressive opportunity for me to find a common ground with women in NYC and in Ishinomaki. When I met with Ms. Yoshioka first, she showed me her deep compassion to the OCICA project and told that how difficult for foreign women in NY in getting jobs in society. She said she was empowered to know energy of mothers in Oshika by seeing photos, video and articles of the project, and told me she wants to do something to pass on the story and context of OCICA and rebuilding process in norther east disaster area to here NYC. I agree with her. I hope, OCICA will be cherished by as many as people and function for them to feel hope.

Now I’m writing this blog on Mother’s day. Wish my mother in my hometown Kobe, my mothers in Oshika peninsula, mothers in NYC, and all of mothers in the world, would have a nice day.


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