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Somewhere within the last days

“You’ve not been here long time.”
At Cafe Martin, beginning of March, He said to me.
“I’ve been crazy busy these days. I’ll leave NY next Monday.”
“Back to home?”
“Yes, Japan.”
“How do you like NYC?”
“I love it, I really enjoyed. I also like here.”
He never smiles as always, and pass me a cup of latte.

Yes, actually, I had been crazy busy during the last a few weeks of February and March before I went back to Japan. I had already finished my MPH course in December last year, but had stayed for 3 month more in NYC still. Working remotely for a research project on home care in Europe, I dedicated myself for the two events in early March to spread stories of my loving people in Tohoku. The first one was on 1st and 2nd March at J-LABO Brooklyn by J-COLLABO, “Kaleidoscoping Tohoku – 3 years after the disaster in 2011 –”. Second one was a symposium by Consortium for Japan Relief (CJR) “”

Cafe to cafe, meeting friend to friend, filled with love and caffein (and beer and wine at night).

Before opening the CJR symposium. After 3 years since the Tohoku disaster, now I have more and more precious friends working together for Tohoku, across generation, language, nationality, ethnicity, place, and profession. I didn’t expect that when I came to NY in Fall 2012. I was empowered and raised up by NYC and you, friends here.

The last jazz at subway station before my flight.

My friends held a farewell party at my apartment for me. Much of love, food, drink and live painting. Thanks.

At Cafe Martin, on 10th March, in the morning.
“What time is your flight today?”
He asked me, without smile, as always.
“1 pm from JFK”
I answered, though I didn’t expect he remembered the exact day of my flight, and even asked me the time.
“Thank you so much.”
I received a cup of latte and said.
“See you next time.”
He replied.




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