One coin for one song. / 7月が来た。


July 1st, Tuesday 2014

When I was in New York City, I met with street performances everyday, indeed everyday whenever I left my room and went out to the town. Here now in Tokyo, though there are street musicians too, but less frequently I meet. The fewer prevalence, the less likely I meet such a song which I like. But today’s a good one.

When I crossed at the cross walk on a way from an office I worked today to Shibuya station, I met a street duo performing. One is a guy playing the guitar and singing melody lines, and the other guy for rap. Their song were far less noisy, but a comfortable, and somewhat groovy one. Though I don’t know which genre it is in, I felt it fit the mood of this crowded, chaotic but somewhat lovely town Shibuya. So I stopped for a few minutes and listened to their song.

When they finished the song with the rap guy calling for tips grooving on his rhyme, I opened my wallet and put my gratitude. It doesn’t matter whether it’s $1 bill or ¥100 coin I toss for the song I like. The guitar guy who looked like a Japanese said to me “Thank you,” and the other who looked like a man from abroad said “Arigato.”





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