Snow and Latte


January 4th 2014, Saturday

Little earlier than last year, winter storm has come. My town Brooklyn are filled with snow, of course in front of my building. Maybe it is just the second or third time for me to shovel out.

Chilly cold, but it’s ok, good exercise. Street is brighter than usual, thanks to snow reflecting the sunlight.

All the trash, refuse, recyclable materials that I and other residents threw at night, are covered with white.

After that, I went to my favorite cafe near my house. When I stand by the counter to order, the cafe master, a dandy middle aged man, quiet with little words, asked me “Latte?,” and I found that he’s remembered everytime I ordered latte. Unfortunately, today I took a cup of regular coffee! But it was still happy to know that my life in this town is peacefully continuing from 2013 to now, 2014.



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