Diary: 10/25/2012 Thu.


Obviously, to be behind of a class leads to further behind for another class…that is a ‘death spiral’ lol I had to review quickly the quant lectures(3 times a week this module, and I’ve already missed 3 lectures! ), and work on homework due today’s afternoon, and that made me skip the morning classes today…. Need to stop this spiral by this weekend.

Had a resume review session with a professor and he said mine was pretty good one as the first draft. I think it is thanks to those who supported me when I apply to Mailman. I do my best to have further fruitful experience to build my capacity until the summer practicum (of course such learning would not be only for resume building, but for my personal maturity).

授業に遅れた分復習や宿題の対応に追われて、その間更に授業を逃すというデス・スパイラルw 週末にどうにか修正しよう。今は耐えるのだ。。



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