Diary: 10/20/2012 Sat.


One Young World Summit 2012 Day 3

Today was the memorable day for me at the session about health. The theme of the health session was equal opportunity for people with disabilities. After the speakers’ presentations, I threw a question to the floor audience. I wrote about that as an essay here.

The evening was also precious time. Delegates had opportunities to visit local residents and had dinner with them. After the several sessions and breakout discussion, we got on a bus and went through the town, and arrived at on house. It was just like an typical image about traditional ages of American life. The house was much larger than the average ones in Japan, and the family welcomed us. After chatting for 30 to 40 minutes with wine and light meal, we sat on the same table. The housefather gave us a short greeting with a few jokes, thanked god for our meeting and then started dinner. I heard from the housemother that there are many international residents here in Pittsburgh, and restaurants of foreign cuisine. Today’s dinner also consisted of various countries’ food including Italian gnocchi, Spanish and Pittsburgh local cuisine (which I didin’t remember the name). It was delicious, and the talk was fun. After finishing the dinner, the housefather played the piano for us. One of the songs was one favorite “Piano man” by Billy Joel. It was so delightful time.

Here Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. Autumn air and trees gave me a peaceful time.




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