Diary: 10/17/2012 Wed.


Tomorrow I will move to Pittsburgh and participate in “One Young World Summit 2012” as one of the Japanese delegation, from 10/18-10/22. http://oneyoungworldpittsburgh.com/default.aspx For some mistake of logistics, I’ve never received any guidance and announcement about details although I many times sent e-mail to the committee and that delay frustrated me so much these days…but anyway my status has been approved, and I can join the summit finally. It must be exciting!

My concern is, I have to work on homework that is due on Monday evening at the hotel of PIttsburgh at night… I finished the homework of Health and Behavior and Quantitative Foundation today, but I also have Environmental Determinant of Health module homework…

明日からピッツバーグのOne Young World Summit 2012に参加してくる。事務局側の不手際なのか、UK本部とのミスコミュニケーションか、Delegatesの中で僕だけなぜか連絡網から漏れてたっぽく、1ヶ月前から何度問い合わせても全然詳細を教えてもらえないという謎展開だったが、どうにか無事参加出来そう。ほんと、ここ数日バタバタヤキモキして大変だった。ダボス会議から派生した若手世代向けのサミットらしい。楽しんでくる。


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