Diary: 10/12/2012 Fri.


Exam finished!!! Now we gonna have two weeks without exams(after that of course there will be…). After the exam today, I talked with a few classmates, and found they had the same feelings as me. Most of exam questions too general, so we were not sure what we’re supposed to answer. Also, every week, we miss the classes in the morning on Friday before the exam, and worried about being behind… Anyway, time is limited. I shouldn’t be a perfectionist who can do everything (pre-reading, study for exams, homeworks and other things) for one week.

At night, I met with one of my classmates at the University of Tokyo Law department in Washington Heights. He came to New York state from this fall and is going to language school to learn English. He seemed suffering his study, and frustrated with troubles with his roommates. I understand what he complaints, but only we can do is to survive here in a foreign country. If he wants to be released from his suffers, he has to brush up his English, and then go up to a higher level class where is better environment. Well, good luck with each other.




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