Diary: 10/08/2012 Mon.


Surprisingly cold morning! When I went to the morning class, I found a lady classmate already wear a coat and realized again, here NY gets cold much faster than Tokyo. In a good timing, I received my winter clothes sent from mu home in Japan. Well, I’m ready for winter.

Today we had a international students luncheon event. About 20 to 30 classmates gathered at Hess Commons. Looking around the room, about half of them were those who I’ve already seen once, or talked before, and I could see who are ‘international’ students. Interestingly, or naturally, whether he or she is ‘categorized’ as an international or domestic student, is not necessarily judged at glance from their appearance and voice. Different from my country Japan, here I easily feel what is globalization and how people mingle within a society.




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