Diary: 09/28/2012


Finished Biology test!!!!! I was so exhausted with test and three classes today… The test result would be, not so bad, but… not so good also. Anyway, I’m released. This is Friday. Tonight, I went to Jazz Standard with one of my friend to enjoy the concert of Gerald Clayton Quintet.

The quintet is composed of young jazz musicians, and their style and rhythm felt a kind of contemporary one, compared to “orthodox” jazz sounds which I’ve known. So, it was a little “difficult” to groove smoothly for me… but it was really wonderful performance. I enjoyed myself.

Between the test and concert, I spent a time to talk with one of my classmate(she’s from China, and seeking ways to keep studying or working in U.S. after graduation), and then with the friend I went to the concert with about my career path. Although my talk was quite discursive they kindly listened to my voice, and that made me feel easy. He said, “Doing what you are interested in will lead to the just way, someday.” Yeah, that’s true. Don’t be worried too much.


先月、こっちに到着して直後に再会した、例のフォーダム大学の友人に誘われて、Jazz Standardのライブへ。Gerald Clayton Quintet 



そういえば、ジャズ行く前に、Times Squareでゴーゴーカレー食べました(笑)カツカレー$7なり。安い。


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