Diary: 09/24/2012


24 September 2012 Mon.

During the core courses in this semester, one of the most fascinate class is “Qualitative Foundation.” Qualitative approach has a potential to dig out buried factors and problems. In today’s lecture, the professor showed us an example of the past student’s summer practicum case in U.S. that took qualitative approach, so I asked her after the class whether students can do such program outside the U.S. These days, I often think back about my country. After the disaster, there seems to have broken out various conflicts and disparities, especially on issues related post-disaster matters, within or between, residential places, generations and occupations in the small country. I fell, I should listen to their voice again.
My department is Health Policy and Management. There might be some directions and limitations for what I should/can study here. So I’m still not sure what topic I choose as my research project (I’m also interested in health issues in U.S.) Anyway, she said that she will introduce a faculty whom I should talk to to think about this matter.

Sunny and warm day. Walked around the town around the campus, and that made me refreshed. Well, I study public health, but also should take care about “personal” health. Keeping myself healthy is a key factor to enable good learning.


質的研究の授業が実に面白い。授業終了後、Summer Practicumのテーマや場所について、少し教授と相談した。日々の勉強の傍ら、どうも最近、度々日本の、とりわけ東北、もっと言えば昨年結局行けなかった福島のことが気にかかる。




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