Diary: 09/18/2012~09/23/2012


18 September 2012 Tue.

Windy and rainy day. Trees shock in wind, and people at outdoor stall struggled not to have their store broken down.

Had two classes, and stayed at library all day long by doing an assignment and reading materials for tomorrow.

I was so sleepy today, though I don’t know why… I did have enough time to sleep last night, but I couldn’t help nodding off all day long while I was in the classes and reading at library.

This week we have an assignment paper, but I haven’t started yet. Time passes fast while I’m only reading class materials…

I might fail to sleep deeply even I’m in bed. Need to calm down myself.



19 September 2012 Wed.

Both of the Quantitative and Qualitative Foundation classes are exciting for me. The lecturer of Quant. speaks in a clear and simple way, and that do make me feel the sharpness of statistical theory and thinking. The lecturer of Qual. speaks, on the other hand, so passionately, and her character seems to reflect characteristics of qualitative approach to provide deep insights on issues.

Sleepy today too. However long I take sleep, I’m still drowsy. Took a little rest between my study in the evening. Couldn’t finish pre-readings for tomorrow.



20 September 2012 Thu.

I felt, I need a refresh, so walked around my dorm before going to the morning class. Unlike yesterday, it was so nice day, with blue sky.



21 September 2012 Fri.

Invited to my classmate, I went to the Tedeschi Trucks Band Live at Beacon Theater. Although this was the first time to know the band, their powerful and warmful sound attracted me.

チケットが余ったというので誘われた、Tedeschi Trucks Bandのライブに行ってきた。このバンドを知るのはこれが初めて。事前に数曲聴いた程度の状態で行ったのだけど、とても良かった。力強いのだけど、でもやさしいサウンド。Midnight in Harlemという曲が一番印象に残っている。都会で生きるには、こういう音楽が必要だ。

22 September 2012 Sat.

When I got on the train, three men were wrangling with slangs that I cannot hear well that they mean. one man hit another, but nothing could I do.




23 September 2012 Sun.

Finished my Foundation Paper, and biology assignments, both are due on Monday. Studying together and posing comments on each other with classmates was very helpful.

I still have materials to read for tomorrow classes…Anyway, keep working.

In a biology lecture last week, the lecturer took nutrition as a topic. Learning about both of obesity and malnutrition and hunger makes me disconsolate mood, but I can do nothing but study here.

Just one month has passed since I came to NY. Study at Mailman is still hard, but gradually I’ve come accustomed with. Being accustomed is of course good thing, but that also can lead to laziness.


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