Diary: 09/08/2012~09/11/2012


08 September 2012 Sat.

I spent most of the day for reading materials for class next week. In the afternoon, I took the subway and disastrously mistook the trains tow times. I was not aware of getting on the wrong ones and reading materials for class desperately. They took me far place, Queens and Brooklyn. So exhausted with such a silly travel and muggy heat stations and trains, even though my reading got progress.

At night, I did something to promote a book which the members and I wrote and edited in the last job through social media and blog. Thanks to many friends and supporters, the book will be successfully published soon. A lot of voice of support filled my heart. Thanks.

09 September 2012 Sun.

At the morning-side campus (main campus) of Columbia, classmates and I held a study group to review the last week sessions of Biological Basis of Public Health. Most of ladies in my school are so powerful.

On Sunday, there are many street stalls around the campus. I bought used books.

Got out of the Butler Library around 11 p.m. and was surprised with how cold it is. The sudden down of temperature made me find the fall is coming. It is the first time to experience a turn of the season in a foreign country.

10 September 2012 Mon.

Last night I couldn’t have enough sleep, and also could not read today’s materials well. Most of the classes today was terrible for me. With less concentration, I failed to catch up with lectures and questions. They went through one ear and out the other.

Rhythm is important. I need to keep my condition by myself, with enough sleep, food and preparation for class.

11 September 2012 Tue.

It was a moderate and normal day with classes and study at library till late night, although knowing today is “the day.”
Every year, anniversary days remind us, at first, of the specific incident it self, and at the same time they show the shades of daily continuous pities in all the rest of the year.
I still not have an appropriate word to mourn. Just stopped at a park near campus and closed eyes for a while at the end of the day.





昼前にMorning-side Campus、いわゆるメインキャンパスへ。学部や大学院の大半がある、「コロンビア大学」と聞いて人が普通思い浮かべる方のキャンパスだ。生物学の授業の復讐勉強会をクラスメイトと一緒にやる。自分を除いて全員女子。なんというかパワフルで、しゃべるの早くて圧倒された。
日曜日はキャンパス周辺に露天が並ぶ。ファーマーズマーケットや、個人での古本販売。古本を3冊買った。Mark TwainとJane AustenとMary Cantwell。








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  1. Ling C on

    Good luck with the train… I missed my stop in Times Square once, and got on the wrong direction at the same stop, on the same day… It took me to 14 St before I could change the direction and go back… Horrible memory… I guess a lot of attention need to be paid for subways… Thank you for offering help on the History, Ehtics, Human rights thing… Can we hold a study group on that? It was really difficult for me… Feel free to ask me if you have any problem with the BioBasis ^_^ Guess that’s the only thing I haven’t met with any problems yet… Btw, can I share your photo of the subway with my friends? It was really good! I tried to take a photo myself, but it didn’t work well…


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