Diary: 08/29/2012


29 August 2012 Wed.

Not So Special
Today is already the third day of the orientation week. Gradually I’ve been accustomed with the life in campus and conversation with various students, but at the same time I’ve felt a little boring with the orientation…lol The contents of today’s sessions were not so exciting; Math Review (very simple and easy review of math basics), an orientation by the offices in the Columbia Medical Center campus, and Welcome Expo by offices, shops and organizations related to the campus, and a sign up opportunity of networks or events of student organizations. There were various groups that have activities related to particular health themes, and each group seemed attractive… but the session itself was not so special. Well, that’s all for today. So, not special things in campus. But, at night I had a happy reunion with my precious friend!

I’m Back to NYC!
While I was copying enormous reading materials of the classes next week (over 100 pages!), I got a direct message from twitter, and that was from one of my friend whom I met about one and a half year ago in NYC the last time I visited Big Apple for campus visit before applying and sight seeing. She said “Are you free tonight?” and immediately I replied “Yes,” and she invited me to dinner. Our reunion was at the Grand Central station, and we went to a restaurant (Japanese Izakaya-居酒屋 style one) she booked for me(While I felt a little missing Japanese cuisine and sake, it was so delightful dinner!).
Neither of us remembered when our contacts began, but through Twitter we talked often cos both of us had the same favorite artist “Shiina Ringo” or “Incidents Tokyo,” and when I visited NYC before we met in face. It was November 2010 and I was still senior in college, and kindly she guided and helped me during my stay. Of course in this time, she is, as ever, very caring person to those coming to NYC from abroad.
This is the reunion after one and a half year, and only SECOND time meeting together, but I felt we talked as if we’ve been long-time friends. With a lot of episodes of each one’s days(most of that were just silly, small but loving ones), we had big laughs all the time. Finished the dinner with an ice cream, we left to night town. Before getting on subway, we walked several blocks to sober up a little. She said “It’s still hot.” I said “much comfortable than Tokyo(but hotter than Ishinomaki).” August ends soon, and Autumn is coming. But it is still a “Sweet Season for Ice Cream.”




夕方に連絡を受けて、二つ返事でキャンパスを飛び出し、Grand Central駅にて合流、再会。およそ1年半ぶり。以前NYに来たのは2010年の10月で、その時が最初。それ以前にTwitterでやり取りしていたのだけど、そのきっかけも覚えていない。傾倒するアーティストが一緒なもんで、なんだか意気投合していた。そんなわけで、会うのはたったの2度目。それも1年半ぶり。だけど、なんだかそんな気がしないぐらいの心地よさ。空いた期間の、お互いの日々のこと、次から次へと話題は尽きず、バカみたいに笑いながら時間が過ぎた。

この日のディナーは待ち合わせ場所からほど近くの、日本食の炉端屋。「そろそろ日本食が恋しくなってきたでしょ?」粋なチョイス、thank you so much. お腹も舌も、大満足。本人は謙遜するが、相変わらず面倒見が良くて頼もしい。「困ったことがあったらいつでも連絡するんだよ。」って、何度も繰り返し言ってくれて(この日だけじゃなくて、こっちに着いてからのメールのやり取りでも、毎回そう)、その思いやりが、とても嬉しい。



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