Diary: 02/19/2013 Tue.


Printed flyers of the symposium on 10th March which I will attend as a speaker, and invited several friends between class breaks. Every time I do some advertisement, I hesitate to distributing flyers or posting info on medias to general public. So I prefer to talk with small number of persons and explain about the event face to face. I do understand the necessity and importance of somewhat mass publication if I really am confident with the content and really want others to come, but it’s a little hard for my feeling. Today, one of my friends, she knows well about my shyness, introduced me to others at a lunch event at which I didn’t originally intend to advertise about the event, and kindly created mood and opportunity to introduce the event to them. Once I made a presentation, most of them in the room approved and looked interested in. Many classmates told me they will come. I really thank her. I should be more brave and confident ( but not too much) with myself.

One of my friends has arrived at NY today. He quit his previous job and now is taking off before starting the next job, and will stay in NY for a week. I really hope this trip will be good refreshment for him.

Sleepy, so sleepy. I don’t know why.





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