Diary: 02/12/2013 Tue.


Because of the curriculum change from our year (last semester), some of the classes have repetitive contents for us (but new for the second year students). So sometimes I feel a little boring and become sleepy. On such times, lectures and questions from classmates go through one ear and out the other, and I blankly hear their voice itself rather than information delivered. Today was also the case and I found myself discerning differences and characteristics of each one’s way of speaking, such as rhythm, tone, accent, tempo because those who ask questions are generally the same members. She often put a pause with saying “Ah..” before asking question, he always speaks in a detached tone without cadence (thus difficult to listen what he’s saying), and she lengthen the end of one’s sentences with high tone, etc. Thinking such things was fun to kill boredom.

In a requirement classes of my department we’ve gradually known about each other. In small group discussion sessions for all department we have the same group members since the last semester, fortunately. So, gradually I become conscious of each one’s uniqueness more than I did know last semester, and also I discover their new aspects and feel them attractive. It is fortunate to enjoy such small discoveries in daily life.




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