Advent / 4本のろうそく


December 25th 2014, Thursday

When I visited an exhibition of Venetian glass at a museum, I found an explanatory text which described “Advent,” a religious season and custom of Western Cristian. Advent, the term meaning “coming,” is a four-week period of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. During the four weeks of Advent, Western Christian families fire a candle on each Sunday until Christmas. When I wrote the explanatory, I suddenly saw a vision of a small family firing a candle. Parents and a girl smiling. Though I’m not a Christian, nor am I not belonging to any specific religion, I realized how religion supports people. Religion makes culture. Culture instills customs in people’s life. Customs make rhythms that supports their minds. Prayer as a custom, may purify you. It’s long time I’ve lost a rhythm to pray (for something).






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