Monthly Archives: March 2013

Diary: 03/12/2013 Tue.

In the class morning, suddenly I choked on my spit and had a coughing fit a while. It’s not by cold, just what anyone can do sometimes. So I didn’t care itself, but at the same time I remembered one of my favorite songs “ANSWER” by a Japanese pop singer Noriyuki Makihara. The song describes a similar event at a subway station, and the man in the song, following the cough, cannot stop tears rising from his eyes (this time I didn’t cry, by the way).


Diary: 03/11/2013 Mon.

While walking down to the auditorium for class in the morning, I recognized I was a little down today. I know the reason. It happens often when my emotional valve open after receiving passion of many people. Also, this is just in my regular biorhythm, up and down. Just a ordinary day. I gratitude I live such an ordinary life.


Diary: 03/10/2013 Sun.

Attended the symposium, “The Great East Japan Earthquake: Creative Responses & Social Imagination.” It was wonderful day to know how many people in NY have strong interest and compassion in Tohoku Japan. Various speakers told us their own experience and story. Especially, I was impressed from Jake Price. I could not only listen to his speech but also talk in person at the reception, and dinner after the symposium. Jake told me, in response to my question “how did you balance your professionalism or journalism and your emotional feeling?”, that it was impossible to keep distance as a journalist and he didn’t regard his project in Tohoku as journalism. I saw many photographers who had complexity in taking photos in that area. His honesty made me feel that he is a really respectable person. As a final speaker, I made a speech on my projects in Oshia Peninsula. I told our micro, but specific experience and story with individuals. But, though I spoke as an individual, I felt some expansion of connection and compassion with many more people in Japan and NY.

I really thank organizers CJR members for their great dedication and sophisticated operations. I hope I could play as a speaker because that would be the best thing I can do to express my gratitude to organizers.

シンポジウム”The Great East Japan Earthquake: Creative Responses & Social Imagination.”に参加。あっという間だったけど、本当に良い一日だったな…自分の役目を、果たせたと思う。海を越えて、橋はきっと架かっている。


Diary: 03/01/2013 Friday

It’s almost March. My friends in class and I was surprised to know we’ve finished already 6 weeks of our second semester. This week was a little tough with two papers due on Friday and Saturday, but anyway I’ve done. Now I’m looking forward to scent of spring brought by plum and cherry blossoms (I hear I can meet with them even in NY here).