Monthly Archives: December 2012

Diary: 12/18/2012 Tue.

This is the day before the final. I have 4 final exams on Wednesday and Thursday. Though these days are hard, I’ve finally found myself ‘enjoying’ study here at Mailman. In September, most of the topics I learned were new for me, but now I have clearer view of public health field, and am realizing how each issues are systematically and dynamically connected with each others. At first I was so nervous of coursework study and English communication, but now I no longer feel nervous or hesitancy to communicate and discuss with classmates and lecturers. These days I have study session with my friends and I feel contributing to them by sharing my understanding, sometimes using my personal or professional experience and knowledge, and learning from them too. Small dots in my life is gradually connecting. My experience in Japan gives me insight to think about health and disease, and that will lead to my study from the next semester and summer practicum. I had a meeting with my advisor today and I could deliver my interest and plan to him well. I was a somewhat pessimistic and internal person originally, but thanks to the life here in Columbia and New York, I am changing. I am becoming optimistic and tough person, gradually. Yes, time passes and nothing continues forever. Everything, both people, society and nature flow with time.



Diary: 11/30/2012 Fri.

I cannot believe it’s already the end of November. The day passed so fast with discussion, exam and presentation. Most of the classmates seemed stressed with the exam of Social Determinants of Health module with the large amount of studies, so do I(though I like the topics). Anyway, we’ve done. These days, I prepare for the exam with two friends by holding regular study groups, asking and telling about lectures and materials to clarify our understandings. Through this process I realize the range and gap of mu understanding about each topic, issue and area. I should consciously stretch my energy and knowledge toward various topics even though I’m not so interested in particular ones. The friends at the study group and me, sometimes use each one’s own experience as an example of some health issues. Although I know statistics never tells us about an individual, individual’s experience may do reflect each one’s social, environmental and biological backgrounds. Soon after the exam, I had a presentation session for the module of Professional Development Program. 6 classmates and I made a group and made 3-4 minutes presentations in turns, telling each personal story related to career, work, travel, identity etc. It’s really interesting and impressive time for me, cos I don’t have so many opportunities to listen to classmates’ personal stories(most of the talks between classes are preoccupied with homework and exam…). Though still tough and busy days continue, I wish to have as much as time to know about mu classmates well.