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Diary: 10/30/2012 Tue.

Today’s class was also canceled… and surprisingly I received an e-mail from the school office that tell us class tomorrow would be also canceled…! Furthermore, the exam on Friday will be postponed…! It is unthinkable to happen in Japan. I think, it’s due to the speed of recovery of public infrastructure such as subways, electricities, and water supplies. Though it would be a chance to take a rest, it’s so boring…

Today, study rooms at the school library was open, so I left my room and moved to there to tackle homework due tomorrow. I found ond of the revolving door at the entrance of the building had been broken. It made me image the power of Sandy.



Diary: 10/29/2012 Mon.

All of the classes today were canceled, due to the hurricane Sandy. Hopefully I got extra time to catch up with subjects being behind. But, kept in a apartment room all day long is a little tiresome. Furthermore, strong wind and rain hit the window violently, and the sound of the squeaking window was so noisy. Though I have a lot of things to do, I’m not so stoic to be able to concentrate on studying sitting on the desk in such a condition…

What was interesting was, visibly many of Japanese Twitter users in U.S. especially in east coast began tweeting so frequently. They must be boring with canceled work or school same as me. Fortunately, my resident area never experienced any black out or water stoppage, while I saw some friends saying they had that. Compared to my country Japan, where natural disaster such as typhoon and earthquake are more frequent than U.S. the damage of infrastructure seems more serious and it would take longer time to be fully restored in U.S. This hurricane reminded me two typical scene in my country. First, most of, though no all, Japanese companies and salarymen especially in city area make their effort to go to office even on the day or soon after some huge typhoon arrivals. Some of my friends in U.S. said their offices would be closed and they would do remote work. Second, they rush to super markets to buy foods, water, toilet papers and many other goods for ‘emergency’ after they got news about some natural disaster even though their residential area seemed rather safe (most recently, when the huge earthquake and tsunami hit north east of Japan, those who in Tokyo rushed to stores). The first one may not be so common in NYC (some of my friends said their office would be closed and they do remote work), though there may be some businessmen who had to stay and work in office in some cases. For the second one, New Yorkers also rushed to super market and I saw they bought lots of water and food same as the Japanese do. To a varying degree by nations, basically people behave similarly.



Diary: 10/28/2012 Sun.

Hurricane Sandy is coming. I received an e-mail from the school office and knew that our class will be canceled tomorrow. Hopefully, I got extra time to study and take a rest… It hasn’t rained yet today, so I went running to a park, guessing tomorrow I can never go out. In the evening I went to a supermarket to buy some foodstuffs, and saw many residents are buying many stuffs such as water, bread, chocolate etc. They must prepare for tomorrow.


Diary: 10/27/2012 Sat.

There was an seminar about presentation this morning as one part of PDP (Professional Development Program) module. After the session, I met one of the second year student and had lunch with her. She is a board member of the International Student Organization in our school, and invited me as a guest speaker at an international cultural awareness day to talk about my past work in Ishinomaki and Oshika, Tohoku Japan. At a food restaurant near the campus, we ate sandwiches and salad, and then shared a chocolate cake. It was so huge. American size… We couldn’t eat it even by the two. I brought back the rest of it and ate as dinner today…

Diary: 10/26/2012 Fri.

The worst laziness it to be unaware of the love from a person who accept and embrace my weakness and ugliness.


Diary: 10/25/2012 Thu.

Obviously, to be behind of a class leads to further behind for another class…that is a ‘death spiral’ lol I had to review quickly the quant lectures(3 times a week this module, and I’ve already missed 3 lectures! ), and work on homework due today’s afternoon, and that made me skip the morning classes today…. Need to stop this spiral by this weekend.

Had a resume review session with a professor and he said mine was pretty good one as the first draft. I think it is thanks to those who supported me when I apply to Mailman. I do my best to have further fruitful experience to build my capacity until the summer practicum (of course such learning would not be only for resume building, but for my personal maturity).

授業に遅れた分復習や宿題の対応に追われて、その間更に授業を逃すというデス・スパイラルw 週末にどうにか修正しよう。今は耐えるのだ。。


Diary: 10/24/2012 Wed.

Following up with skipped lectures and working on homework due this week at the same time is really tough… Of course I had expected, but this week is terrible. Today was due of Social Determinants of Health module homework. This module really match my interests, but when I knew that each homework counts only one point of our grade, it so spoiled my passion… Anyway, I have to survive this week.


Diary: 10/23/2012 Tue.

Environmental Determinants of Health lecture today was about obesity. It was so surprising speed of increase of obesity rate in U.S. from the late 20th century to 21th (here you can see visuals). But I felt it is not ‘nothing to do with’ my country Japan. So far now we don’t have high obesity rate, but major causes of obesity are today’s changing behavior and lifestyles in developed countries, and we Japanese people also has risks to be obese. Gradually I’ve been more interested in obesity phenomenon and background causations. This matter is related to various areas such as food education, urban design and social marketing that promote healthy behavior and exercise etc.

今日の授業で肥満の話が出たのだけど、80年台後半から2010年にかけての肥満率の変遷がすごい。このページの下部でビジュアルになっているのを見ることができる。CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)の統計。しかし最近、日本にとっても他人ごとではないなぁと思うようになってきた。肥満の要因は生活習慣の変化によるところが大きい。車移動、パソコンでの座っての仕事、高カロリーの外食回数の増加…程度の差はあれ、都市部ではよく見られる生活習慣だから、日本人も気をつけないと… 肥満について関心が出てきたのは、それがもたらす健康被害のみならず、対策に必要な取り組みが、人間の生活環境に根ざしたものでなければならず、食育、都市デザイン、ソーシャル・マーケティングといった領域に架橋されるからだ。なかなか面白い領域だと思う。

Diary: 10/22/2012 Mon.

Long way back to New York from Pittsburgh. I finally got back to my room around 10am, and attend only one class afternoon. I was so exhausted. Submitted two papers of homework and took a rest. I need to catch up with the class I skipped last weekend and today’s morning…